The Transition Into Photography

Hello Everyone!
Many of you who have joined us here before know that I was once a stationery designer. While I still very much enjoy designing the occasional invitation, I realized that designing as a professional, a student, and a freelancer was a bit much for me.
This past February (wow, it’s been that long?!) my husband and I traveled to Asheville, NC. It was my first time traveling to the mountains and it SNOWED. The entire time all I could think was “Wow, I really wish I had a camera to capture this beauty,” and that was all it took.
Immediately upon our return, I ordered my first camera and began watching tons of Youtube and Skillshare videos on photography. I took plenty of (terrible) photos of my dog and objects in my home. I reached out to Monique Floyd, a gem of a mentor who was able to help guide me in the way of the correct equipment and proper lighting. Eventually, I was even able to coerce my husband into getting in front of the camera (see below an image of them both being absolutely done with me and also being good sports).
Anthony and Chloe my forever models
Chloe my excited and four legged model

My very new journey into photography has not been an easy one, but I discovered a new passion that I didn’t even know I had. I’m excited to capture the real and raw lives of those around me and to share this new branch of my creativity.

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