Janeé + Joseph – Family Session

Riverwalk, Rock Hill, SC

In July, I put out a model call for anyone willing to step in front of my camera. During quarantine, I had just begun to take this new venture seriously. I’d run out of family members to take photos of, so I put feelers out on Facebook.
I’d known Janeé through the app and from seeing her on my newsfeed. She immediately expressed interest in doing a photoshoot, and we scheduled a date to meet up.

Immediately upon arriving, Janeé and Joseph’s daughter was the star of the show. She was so excited to show me her dress and get in front of the camera, so naturally, we had to start with the main character. She was certainly a natural model and often did not need any guidance in posing.

Even after adding in both of her parents, she made sure that we knew she was the real star.

After taking family photos I decided to focus my attention on Janeé and Joseph. Their love for each other is evident and I believe that made it even more fun to take photos of them. They were also naturals in front of the camera, and their love radiated throughout.

I’m so excited to share these photos with you! Enjoy <3

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