Joy – Senior Portraits | Uptown Charlotte

West Mecklenburg Senior, Center City Green Photoshoot

Back in late July/early August, I put out a model call to begin the TAdams Designs Senior Rep program. This is a program dedicated to upcoming seniors looking to take senior photos. Seniors in the program receive 1 free session along with 10 image downloads, earning more downloads as they refer their classmates.

Joy was one of many seniors who submitted an application to be apart of the program. Her application stood out to me simply because of the number of extracurriculars she was apart of. As a person who spent most of their senior year participating in as many clubs as possible in order to look good on college applications, I can relate. Joy is a cheerleader, a softball player, apart of TRiO, CIS, SGA, and CMS Youth Council. This was shown in her photos as she requested to include her hobbies. Recently Joy was also accepted into a number of colleges!

Working with her was a delight, and Joy is fitting to be her name. She was a natural in front of the camera, barely needing direction, and her “model face” is one that is not to be tested. I enjoyed capturing this wonderful senior, and I know that she will do great things in the future!

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